Corrupt Corrupted Corruption

by No Way Out

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released June 9, 2016



all rights reserved


No Way Out Massachusetts

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Track Name: Pharoah's Fury
Hate breeding hate
Ignorance feeding off the ignorant
Our nation crumbling
In the hands of liars and hypocrites
To the war of filth and greed,
and the casualties go unseen


They gather the sheep
Prey to the wolf
A new world order demands your seed
They are the hand that feeds
You are the mindless breed
They feed off your demise
You feed into their lies

They force upon you fear
Quenching their thirst with your fucking tears
Tears that they have caused
Breaking their own laws
Embracing every flaw

Look what our land is now
Our heroes dead in the fucking ground
They shove it in our face that they can kill off race
And they won't hesitate to put you in your place

But I'm aware of whats in front of me
I sense the end is near
The end of democracy
I fucking see whats in front of me
The end is here
Breathe in the hypocrisy
And taste the blood of the innocent
Track Name: Locked Away
Day by day
A flame of hate
Burns inside me
Growing rapidly
Scorching my sanity
I am nothing
But my pain is everything
I feel nothing but the pain that's every day

Locked inside my mind
I threw away the key
Years of being alone
Has killed who I used to be
Locking them out
Out of what's mine
My life
My fears
My will to cry
I see no future
But death is certain
I wait, and I wait
For death to draw my curtain
Wait for death to draw my curtain
Track Name: Swing Back
Protect and serve
Meaningless words
Taking a beating is something I'll never learn
Stripped from our rights
We've got to fight
Take back what's ours
Take back our lives

I'll plant my feet
Swing back with fury
The streets are the judge
The curb is my jury
Bite it you fucking pig I know that you're dirty
No peace
No justice
No truce
It's you or me

One day the tables will turn
They'll be the ones crying out for help
But I won't feel a fucking thing
When the swine go straight to fucking hell
Track Name: Endless
Pain and endless suffering
Felt this for years I've had enough of it
How can I learn to love with bitterness and hate
Born in a world where I can't control my own fate

I don't know how much I can even take
The past reminding me of all my mistakes
Time won't heal a thing
Commit to all my sins
This time it's killing me fast
Cause I've got horrors in the past
That others don't have
Giving up
Sinking fast
No hope
How long will this last
All my surroundings are draining me
Too fucking blind to see what's in front of me

A helping hand I've always pushed away
Mine was a soul they've always tried to save
If I don't quit I'll see an early grave
You won't forget my face when the reaper sings my name

New day trying to survive
I don't think I'll make it out alive
All my sins are catching up to me
An evil vicious grip has got a hold of me
But how can I love with bitterness and hate
Born in a world, I can't control my fate
All my sins are catching up to me
An evil fucking grip has got a hold of me
Set me free
An evil vicious grip has got a hold of me
Won't set me free
Track Name: My Kind
You think you know but you can't help me
Unless you've lived my life
If you've felt my pain
Or took a look inside of my head
Then you could feel the stress
Draining you fucking dead
But you should feel so blessed
So don't tell me,
How I should fucking feel
When all I do is deal
Knowing the pain is real
You'll never know me
Or any of my friends
Get it through your head
That we are not the same at all
We are not the same at all

What do you know about suffering
You've never known a real struggle in your life
You look at me like you know something
But what I know is that you've never had to fight

So don't get shit twisted
Learn the difference from wrong and right
My kind will multiply
While your kind sleeps safe at night

Born into struggles
Force fed to know pain
You've never had to live the life I live everyday
So back the fuck up and know your place
This is the hand I've been dealt
Cursed at birth
To hell on earth
Born and raised

You think you're stronger?
What makes you stronger than me?
Cause everyday that I wake up
It's a struggle to stay up
Can't find the cure
To heal life's burn