Survival Of The Fittest

by No Way Out

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released May 13, 2014

Recorded by Ian van Opijnen at The Echo Room Studios in Worcester, MA



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No Way Out Massachusetts

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Track Name: 5swings3hits
Guilty, but I'm not fucking sorry
Did what I did, and I still tell the story
How you coward in fear
Cried a river of tears
You had your chance, and now I'm making things clear
Did what I had to do
Examples had to be made, and I chose you
You've crossed the fucking line
Not once but too many times
No second chances
Now swallow your fucking pride

Revenge, So bitter sweet
Justice was served when your blood hit the fucking streets
When it hurts I hope you think of me
Should have never done the crime if you couldn't take the heat
Don't give a fuck if I sit in a cell
I made your life a fucking living hell
I bet you thought you had the last fucking laugh
When you see my face, remember the pain

Fuck what you heard
This is reality
No sympathy for the weak
I'm digging your fucking grave
Track Name: Young Blood
Society's got me all fucked up
Raised being told I need to toughen up
Fight everyone fear no one
These words were branded in my head when I was young
Troublemaker, instigator, you would know when I'm up to no good
A smile on my face that's misunderstood
No respect, just neglect for all the rules in your book
Track Name: Black Widow
Caught in a web of lies
Look me in the fucking eyes one more time
Tell me the truth
Tell me what you'd do
If you were me and I were you
You're on your death bed, the widow's web
Count to three, and it's off with your head
You're on your death bed, the widow's web

You play the victim
Show all the symptoms of a liar, a fake a fucking two faced snake
Use all your power to manipulate
Turning into everything that I've ever hate
So look me in the eyes and feed me all your lies
I've heard them all a thousand times before
This is the end, I hope it hits your core
Can't change water into wine but a girl into a whore

I hate who you are
I hate what you've become
Track Name: Survival Of The Fittest (Ft. Jordan of Rude Awakening)
Down in the dumps,
Because the struggle is tough
And even though life's rough
I gotta keep my head up
Feeling the pain,
From this caged in rage
I think I'm going insane
Why is my life so fucked up
Lost and not found
Not ever making a sound
I wear a bitter crown
I fucking give my life up
Shit out of luck
In this world I'm stuck
Why even give a fuck
I'm just a kid, a fuck up

I can't justify the things that I've done
I'm a different breed
I'm not the lucky one
I can't justify the things that I've done
Survival of the fittest cause I was never privileged

Another day on this forsaken earth
Born without love and a fucking curse
Track Name: Coward King
Loyalty over royalty
I'd rather die with honor than a suicide king
Loyalty over royalty
You'll always be the rat running with the key
I don't forgive, and I don't forget
Never met a friend that I had to regret
Faking a smile far too good,
But in the end you were the one who was a fool
Look at you now,
Shit out of luck you stupid fuck
What made you think this wouldn't fuck things up
You're crashing down
Friendships slowly slipping
Forgiveness not given
Good fucking riddance

And now we're enemies
And you should know by now
I don't forgive
I dont forget, and I don't fuck around
You need to gain a little self respect
You put a knife in my back,
You'll get it worse in the end
And you should know by now
I don't forgive
I don't forget, and I don't fuck around
You're crashing down
Friendships slowly slipping
Forgiveness not given
Good fucking riddance

All hail the king of snitches
Bruised with stitches
Two faced, two ditches
Killing and crushing all his fucking dreams
A snake in the grass
A coward king

All hail the coward king
Track Name: No Way Out
No way out, and nowhere to run
I've been fighting these demons one on one
Life gets harder, but I grow stronger
The struggle can't kill my will fucking power

Black and blued with battle scars
The harder the fight the braver the fucking heart